Blog, Bid, Hope

2009 December 4
by aj

Blog, Bid, Hope The week of December 7, a group of bloggers, including Buried with Children,Mayhem & Moxie,7 Clown Circus, Scary MommyAdventures in Babywearing, The Extraordinary Ordinary, & Mama’s Losin’ It, will be working together to promote an event entitled, Blog, Bid, Hope.  By hosting a three day auction, their goal to raise money on behalf of the Liz LogelinFoundation, as well as Anissa Mayhew, a 35 year old blogger who recently suffered a stroke. The auction will offer a variety of items, including blog designs, accessories, baby gear and art.  Do some good over the holiday season and donate to the members of the on-line community who need our support.  Because different items will be available for bidding on all seven sites, you are sure to please anyone on your holiday list!

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  1. 2010 June 11
    Ernestina Carter permalink

    I am sorry to learn of your loss , and I wanted to express my deepest sympathies. Not one of us knows where our road will lead us or where our road ends. But in times of sorrow, we receive comfort from our family and friends.

    If there was anything I can do for you anything at all… If I were near I would do anything in my power for you. I hope and pray for the best life has to offer you and your daughter. Take care and God Bless!

    Ernestina Carter

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