Looking Forward

2009 December 30
by aj

Thanks to you, our wonderful supporters, 2009 was a year of tremendous growth for the Liz Logelin Foundation. In the world of charitable organizations, the term “growth” takes on a meaning as significant as what is pending in real estate — both denote a period of expectation, where the outcomes of hard work and commitment are about to come to fruition. In December, thanks in large part to your continued generosity, we were able to make small grants to 34 widows and widowers to help ease the financial burden of the holidays, reflecting how pending transactions in real estate signal a change and hope for new beginnings.

We are looking forward to helping even more families in 2010! As in real estate, where pending statuses anticipate future homeowners settling into new homes, our foundation anticipates providing support to even more individuals in their time of need. Using Donate Now for online donations has streamlined the giving process, akin to how digital platforms have streamlined real estate transactions, moving them from pending to complete.

As we stand on the threshold of a new year, we invite you to continue your charitable giving and consider the LLF. Your contributions during this period not only offer immediate aid but also lay the groundwork for future support, much like earnest money in a real estate transaction secures a buyer’s intent and paves the way for eventual ownership. And remember, just as with pending real estate deals that await closing, every donation made before the year’s end will culminate in a tangible benefit—a special limited-edition 2010 postcard from Maddy and a tax deduction for 2009.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2010, and may all your pending aspirations, in charity as in life, find their fulfilling conclusion!

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  1. 2010 June 12
    Cecilia Morphis permalink

    Just found this heart warming site. I’m with you, My husband Terry died Aug. 26th 2009. Decided not to think I’ll ever stop crying. The strange thing is we were told Terry & I were laid off from our job after 9 years on the same day we were told he had 3 months to live. Since we were Apartment Managers for 92 apts. for low income Seniors we also lost our home as it was compensation. This has been a nightmare. On June 1st I used the last of our 401k to purchase a Mobile Home so at least Terry knows his wife has a home.Terry was only 55 so I receive his Social Sec. $829 mth. But I never experienced job hunting so tough & its very scary out here. I am currently on unemployment & being 63 I must find a job. Too early for Medicare & this is a hard time. I’m very grateful for my wonderful years and now my home but trying so hard to stay optimistic. I relocated & don’t have any friends to talk with. I did go to a 6 week support group. I just feel like I did when he died, its to painful to describe. I know others are going through sad times so I tell myself to be tough and carry on. Just thank you for letting me get this out to someone.
    Love to all who feel pain.

  2. 2010 July 7

    The Liz Logelin Foundation:

    I happened upon your website today while searching for scholorships for widowed moms with young children. Truthfully, I really couldn’t believe there was such a thing. I wanted to share my story with all of you.

    Damien and I met in Florida, it was June 2005. We fell instantly for one another. We were married November 2006, while I was pregnent with our son. We were so happy and so ‘in love’. I gave birth to Greyson on February 6, 2007. It was the most beautiful time in my entire life. Then while working out of town, Damien died, tragicly and most unexpectedly on September 6, 2007. We never made it to our first wedding anniversary, but what hurt most of all is that Greyson will never know just how amazing his father was, nor will he ever know how much his dad truly adored him.

    Only God can understand such things in life, as I have discovered, no amout of time here on Earth can make me understand why such things happen. It is not for me to know or contemplate on because as a (unexpected) single mom, I simply do not have the time to give. All I know is there is a deep ache for all the dreams that should have been, but will no longer become.

    My life went from prosperous and financially stable to asking for public assistance, where not many white women stand in line with a blue eyed blond little boy. Heartbreaking, back then I couldn’t even get through the appointment without dying inside all over again and collapsing in my car from humiliation and embarrasement.

    I’m relieved that those days are behind me. All my pain and experiences have only brought me closer to God and set me upon a new path for me and my son. Despite everything I have a wonderful happy and healthy little boy who means the world to me. I bought a house last fall for us here in Texas, near my family, where I grew up. Things are getting a bit better – still living paycheck-to-paycheck but things will be better when Greyson starts public school and the bill for ($8,000 plus) private childcare goes away. For now, we will just make due, like everyone else and pray for better days.

    God bless, you are never alone. You are loved.

    Ginger R.

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