Blog, Bid, Hope

2009 December 4
by aj

Blog, Bid, Hope The week of December 7, a group of bloggers, including Buried with Children,Mayhem & Moxie,7 Clown Circus, Scary MommyAdventures in Babywearing, The Extraordinary Ordinary, & Mama’s Losin’ It, will be working together to promote an event entitled, Blog, Bid, Hope.  By hosting a three day auction, their goal to raise money on behalf of the Liz LogelinFoundation, as well as Anissa Mayhew, a 35 year old blogger who recently suffered a stroke. The auction will offer a variety of items, including blog designs, accessories, baby gear and art.  Do some good over the holiday season and donate to the members of the on-line community who need our support.  Because different items will be available for bidding on all seven sites, you are sure to please anyone on your holiday list!