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By: I. Rufus, M.A., M.D., M.P.H.

Co-Director, University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

The timing of gastric aspirates may be critical to the agreement between continuous monitoring and pH paper medications hyperthyroidism buy 250mg trecator sc overnight delivery. Poor correlation was noted for both the median pH values and the percentage of time below pH 3 between 24-h monitoring and once-daily aspirates (40) medicine to help you sleep discount 250 mg trecator sc, whereas better correlation was found with more frequent aspirate measurements (36 treatment notes buy generic trecator sc on-line, 41) medicine 831 order trecator sc 250mg amex. Intragastric pH measurements may actually be more reflective of the microenvironment surrounding mucosal cells but could also be registering only the gastric pH in contact with the electrode and differ in various parts of the stomach or gastric contents (19, 37, 42, 43). This may be important in monitoring intestinal pH when the collection of adequate amounts of aspirate is difficult (19, 44). Given the time involved in collecting an aspirate and the potential for various interferences with paper color changes, continuous pH Evidence-Based Practice for Point-of-Care Testing monitoring was judged to be a simpler, safer, faster, and more reliable measure of gastric pH when compared to measurement of gastric aspirates with pH paper (19, 33, 36). However, continuous pH monitoring is expensive, and litmus paper might offer a more economical alternative for those clinicians wanting to monitor acid therapies at the bedside (45). The electrodes must be calibrated before each use and the calibration drift monitored after each patient. There is no standard method for calibration or consensus about acceptable bias and drift. Additional corrections may be necessary at very low pH or pH values near 7, at which certain types of electrodes may display more bias (26). If the electrode is not far enough into the esophagus, the monitor may fail to detect reflux episodes, and if the electrode is placed too far, the test may monitor gastric or duodenal pH changes (26). Most studies have limited the examination of data from patients for whom the electrode did not drift by more than 0. Monitoring therapy with pH paper, although considered a standard of care in many critical care units, may have a clinical role, but there is a lack of supporting evidence that pH monitoring to guide acid suppression therapies actually lowers patient morbidity and mortality (31). Clinically significant bleeding as opposed to occult bleeding has been suggested as a more appropriate therapeutic endpoint (32). Ar ch iv ed Does the use of pH paper for assisting the placement of nasogastric tubes, compared to clinical judgment (air, pressure), improve the placement of tubes for inpatient, endoscopy, home care, and nursing home patients We recommend the use of pH testing to assist in the placement of nasogastric tubes. Radiography is considered the gold standard means of determining tube placement, but there is fair evidence that pH testing can predict the position of nasogastric tubes while reducing the number of radiographs and exposure of the patient to additional radiation. The choice of measuring pH with an intragastric electrode or testing tube aspirates with a pH meter or pH paper will depend on consideration of the clinical limitations of each method, and there is conflicting evidence about which method is better. Radiography is considered the gold standard means of determining tube placement in clinically ambiguous cases; however, pH testing may provide a faster, safer, and more economical means of screening tube placement before radiography is considered. Because acid inhibitors and antacids increase gastric pH, studies on patients under acid suppression suggest that a higher gastric cutoff of pH 6. More than 81% of gastric samples were found to have a pH between 1 and 4, whereas more than 88% of intestinal aspirates had a pH 6 (38, 50). Radiography studies may be useful in equivocal cases of aspirated fluid with a pH between 4 and 6. However, the effect of these suggestions on patient outcome remains to be examined. Although pH testing is useful in determining tube placement, there is some controversy about which method of monitoring pH is better: use of a continuous intragastric electrode or measurement of the pH of tube aspirates with a pH meter or pH paper. Intragastric monitoring with a pH probe attached to the end of a feeding tube can assist in both tube placement and monitoring of acid suppression therapy for several hours. These probes are technically simpler and faster and may be more accurate than testing gastric aspirates with pH paper (33, 36). Intragastric pH monitoring is capable of continuously monitoring pH changes of the gastric contents, but this pH may not reflect the actual pH at the mucosal cell surface (37). Therapy to raise the pH content of gastric contents based on gastric aspirates may vary significantly from intragastric pH, overestimating the true intragastric acidity, and guide therapy changes that may not be sufficiently protective. This hypothesis is supported by case reports of bleeding and treatment failure while patients receive acid suppression, and significant bleeding as opposed to 123 occult bleeding may be a better endpoint of acid therapy than pH (32). Testing the pH of aspirated gastric contents with paper or a pH meter also may not provide equivalent pH results.

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Microvoids and other flaws are introduced into the material -the tensile strength in the region of the weld is lowered symptoms 9dpo buy discount trecator sc line. The residual stresses and the flaws may lead to failure under cyclic loadingo So there is a need to know the service environment medicine 852 purchase trecator sc 250 mg visa, the range of anticipated loading medications held before dialysis order trecator sc mastercard, and the probable failure mode should failure occur medicine allergic reaction purchase trecator sc discount. In many instances, a component may deteriorate with time due to corrosion, radiation, wear, etc. The original tensile strength cannot predict deterioration, but, for a given material, deterioration will be more rapid for higher tensile strengths than for lower tensile strengths. How can we better utilize impact data, or is there some alternative to using impact data to predict brittle transition failures Dolan standard tests for measuring toughness characteristics, primarily of the higher strength steels, which give us a good indication of how large a flaw can be sustained before there is danger of a sudden, They have also done quite a bit running, rapid catastrophic fracture. Design must be that are very valuable for approached assuming that all parts contain some flaws. We must know the smallest flaw that can be detected by inspection because design must take into consideration the fracture toughness characteristics of the material so that the designed part will perform satisfactorily either with no flaw growth, or with a gradual, calculable flaw growth. Wolff Then you feel that fracture toughness, even for the so-called garden variety of carbon steels, is going to have to become a part of specifications It is well known that It turned out that this long, running cracks occur in a brittle mode. These fracture characteristics could have been predicted if fracture toughness tests had been conducted before the pipeline had been installed. Lundeen, Boeing Commercial Airplane Company You said that you wanted to know what the smallest flaw was that could be detected. Unfortunately, this information is often not a true reflection of the characteristics of the material. For low alloy, high strength steels you will find in the handbook tensile strengths, yield points, elongations, etc. They do not tell you what the properties are transverse to the direction of rolling because these properties are often not as good as those attainable in the rolling direction. That is why there are a lot of lamellar tearing failures in welds on structural components. Erthal Naval Air Development Center Warminster, Pennsylvania 18974 the designs of systems that require the assembly of parts and components which are expected to function for a length of time assisted by preventive maintenance and overhaul, must consider inspection and maintainability at the concept stage of the system. Provision for access to critical load carrying parts and components for inspection, primarily nondestructive inspection, must be considered at the design stage rather than an afterthought to a fixed configuration or design. This consideration demands continual dialogue and discussions among the designer, stress analyst, materials and quality assurance people. With such rapport, certain parts may even be redesigned without loss of efficiency to facilitate and accomodate nondestructive inspection. Nondestructive inspection during overhaul or periodic maintenance has been found to maximize safety and enhance reliability with the added feature of being cost effective. There is ample evidence and examples in the aircraft field to support this claimc Therefore, in the interest of reliability, safety, and reduced costs during operation and maintenance of an important system, it behooves us to take advantage of the advancing technology in the nondestructive testing and inspection discipline by consideration of its subsequent use at the earliest stage of system design. Watson Naval Engineering Test Establishment 161 Wanklyn Street LaSalle, Quebec H8R 1Z2 Canada L. The central theme of the Proceedings was improvement in design through failure analysis. Emphasis was on design philosophy, the use of failure analysis case studies as an educational tool, successful redesign through failure analysis, and design oversights. This section covers a broad range of physical and chemical research, with major emphasis on standards of physical measurement, fundamental constants, and properties of matter. Building Science Series Disseminates technical information developed at the Bureau on building materials, components, systems, and whole structures. The series presents research results, test methods, and performance criteria related to the structural and environmental functions and the durability and safety characteristics of building elements and systems. Topics in mathematical statistics, theory of experiment design, numerical analysis, theoretical physics and chemistry, logical design and programming of computers and computer systems.

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