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By: U. Cyrus, M.B.A., M.B.B.S., M.H.S.

Associate Professor, Tulane University School of Medicine

There are some students hovering round the fringes of occultism who are not yet prepared to follow its dictates to the uttermost blood pressure chart in urdu purchase 5mg lisinopril otc, and therefore do not accept its teaching when it interferes with their personal habits and desires heart attack damage cheap lisinopril online mastercard. Some such have tried to maintain that the question of food can make little difference from the occult standpoint; but the unanimous verdict of all the great schools of occultism hypertension questionnaire questions buy lisinopril without a prescription, both ancient and modern pulse pressure with exercise cheap lisinopril online amex, has been definite on this point, and they have asserted that for all true progress purity is necessary, even on the physical plane and in matters of diet as well as in far higher matters. In previous lectures I have already explained the existence of the different planes of nature and of the vast unseen world all about us; and I have also had occasion to refer often to the fact that man has within himself matter belonging to all these higher planes, so (Page 280) that he is furnished with a vehicle corresponding to each of them, through which he can receive impressions and by means of which he can act. Can these higher bodies of man be in any way affected by the food which enters into the physical body with which they are so closely connected The physical matter in man is in close touch with the astral and mental matter - so much so that each is to a great extent a counterpart of the other. There are many types and degrees of density among astral matter, for example, so that it is possible for one man to have and astral body built of coarse and gross particles, while another may have one which is much more delicate and refined. As the astral body is the vehicle of the emotions, passions and sensations, it follows that the man whose astral body is of the grosser type will be chiefly amenable to the grosser varieties of passion and emotion; whereas the man who has a finer astral body will find that its particles most readily vibrate in response to higher and more refined emotions and aspirations. The man therefore who builds gross and undesirable matter into his physical body is thereby drawing into his astral body matter of a coarse and unpleasant type as its counterpart. We all know that on the physical plane the effect of overindulgence in dead flesh is to produce a coarse gross appearance in the man. That does not mean that it is only the physical body which is in an unlovely condition; it means also that those parts of the man which are invisible to our ordinary sight, the astral and the mental bodies are not in good condition either. Thus a man who is building himself a gross and impure physical body is building for himself at the same time coarse and unclean astral and mental bodies as well. There is still a higher stage in which that soul itself is being trained to be a fit instrument in the hands of the Logos, a perfect channel for the divine grace; but the first step towards this high aim is that the soul itself shall learn thoroughly to control the lower vehicles, so that there shall be in them no thought or feeling except those which the soul allows. All these vehicles therefore should be in the highest possible condition of efficiency; all should be pure and clean and free from taint; and it is obvious that this can never be so long as the man absorbs into the physical vehicle such undesirable constituents. Even the physical body and its sense-perceptions can never be at their best unless the food is pure. Any one who adopts vegetarian diet will speedily begin to notice that his sense of taste and of smell is far keener than it was when he fed upon flesh, and that he is now able to discern a delicate difference of flavour in foods which before he had thought of as tasteless, such as rice and wheat. The same thing is true to a still greater extent with regard to the higher bodies. Their senses also cannot be clear if impure or coarse matter is drawn into them; (Page 282) anything of this nature clogs and dulls them, so that it becomes more difficult for the soul to use them. This is a fact which has always been recognized by the student of occultism; you will find that all those who in ancient days entered upon the Mysteries were men of the utmost purity, and of course invariably vegetarian. Carnivorous diet is fatal to anything like real development, and those who adopt it are throwing away serious and unnecessary difficulties in their own way. I am well aware that there are other and still higher considerations, which are of greater weight than anything upon the physical plane, and that the purity of the heart and of the soul is more important to a man than that of the body. Yet there is surely no reason why we should not have both; indeed, the one suggests the other, and the higher should include the lower. There are quite enough difficulties in the way of self-control and self-development; it is surely worse than foolish to go out of our way to add another and a very considerable one to the list. Although it is true that a pure heart will do more for us than a pure body, yet the latter can certainly do a great deal; and we are none of us so far advanced along the road towards spirituality that we can afford to neglect the great advantage which it gives us. Anything that makes our path harder than it need be is emphatically something to be avoided. In all cases this flesh food undoubtedly makes the physical body a worse instrument, and puts difficulties in the way of the soul by intensifying all the undesirable elements and passions belonging to these lower planes. Nor is this serious effect during physical life the only one of which we have to think. If, through introducing loathsome impurities into the physical body, the man builds himself a coarse and unclean astral body, we have (Page 283) to remember that it is in this degraded vehicle that he will have to spend the first part of his life after death. Because of the coarse matter which he has built into it, all sorts of undesirable entities will be drawn into association with him and will make his vehicles their home, and find a ready response within him to their lower passions. It is not only that his animal passions are more easily stirred here on earth, but also that he will suffer acutely from the working out of these desires after death. Here again, looked at even from the selfish point of view, we see that occult considerations confirm the straightforward common-sense of the arguments on the physical plane.

His body or vehicle is here the mental and body which was already present during his earthly and astral life blood pressure medication potassium buy lisinopril on line amex, but undeveloped blood pressure medication helps acne buy 2.5 mg lisinopril with amex. In this mental sphere pulse pressure pv loop cheap 10 mg lisinopril, the true abode of man blood pressure chart sg order discount lisinopril online, he assimulates the experiences of the two preceding states; and these are transmuted into characteristics and potentialities, which combined with those obtained in former lives, must incarnate with him in a new body when the time has arrived. So man has three bodies: the physical, the astral and the mental which correspond with the three worlds: the physical, the astral, and the mental worlds, which we therefore may regard as the three bodies of the earth. It follows that man has already in his earthly existence a body for each of these three worlds. Thus man (the Ego) is many times born in a different physical body, with long intervals, during which on earth the conditions change continuously. The laws of Karma and Reincarnation rule our whole life without them; we cannot imagine a rational explanation of the different phases in our existence, nor answer the question why one is born in the deepest wretchedness with a bad character, a sick body, in surroundings where any moral progress seems impossible, whereas another sees the light in luxurious surroundings, which offer him all opportunities to develop while at the same time he enjoys a healthy body and an excellent character. Are there greater contrasts imaginable and is there a reasonable explanation to be found without accepting the inexorable, but just law of cause and effect and the law of reincarnation But this is not the place to dwell at length on these things, for further study I refer to works on Theosophy. A few words, however, on these important points in question I thought necessary, because, in my opinion, they are to a certain degree inseparable from astrology;; 13 order to understand the one well, the other is necessary. That higher, true self, struggles to conquer "the dragon," the lower self, by which it gets the opportunity to re-unite with its divine Source. It shows us clearly the weak points of our character in all their nakedness, no hidden corner of our character need escape us. Astrology teaches us how, by find calculation, to find the time when these weak points in our character will be liable to manifest, and so can arm ourselves beforehand and stand firm towards that time. In this way can together with we we other methods such as meditation, self-communication etc. Further we can find, by calculation, for what kind of activity certain we learn to make the most of our time, times are most suitable, and, because we choose the fittest time for our work, we give the best we are able. How astrology enables us to understand our fellowmen better, and therefore, to treat them with more tolerance, I have already observed. Everyone has weak spots in his character, and he who has the habit of criticising and slandering his fellow-men, is blind to his own faults, and for this reason does not advance one step in evolution. Those doctors, who, in their profession, use astrology in diagnosing, in administering medicine, in operating upon their patients, etc. The number of physicians who study astrology is already very large in the United States, and increases steadily. All that happens in nature and its subdivisions is the outcome of natural laws and powers that work in the universe; and by studying carefully these cosmic powers, we learn what we have to do and to leave undone in order to live in harmony with these powers. Of this we find traces throughout the middle-ages, but the astrological knowledge we see recede more From the dical 14 and more into the in progressing background. Aspect means: view, appearance; here literally, the way in which the planets look at each other, i. It is, as it were, a warning that something in one direction or another should be improved. His physical, astral and mental bodies are, as it were, tuned to the key which was then in the Cosmos. If the same tone, or a con-sonant of it, recurs to the atmosphere, the bodies react and the influence of Saturn is felt as depression or in general, limitation on the physical plane as well as in our thoughts and feelings. As this rate of vibation keeps altering through the rapidly changing positions of the planets and the twelve signs of the Zodiac in regard to the earth, it is evidently necessary to know the exact moment of birth, in order to make our calculations accurately. We So we must imagine that all that is born, all that is brought into being, receives, at the moment of coming into existence or of birth, the impress of our planetary system as it is at that very moment, and as it is in relation to the spot on earth where this birth takes place. This is true not only for man, but also for animal, plant and mineral, and it is true as well for all that we begin, for every new activity or enterprise, for every new thought which is born at a certain point of time. Hence we see how important it is to select the correct time in starting new enterprises.

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All will be useful to varying degrees as you deepen your background to South American mythologiesjust as they will be for deepening your background to other American mythologies blood pressure chart for 60 year old cheap lisinopril generic. Margaret Brown (New York: Frederick Praeger pulse pressure 18 discount lisinopril 2.5 mg amex, 1967/i) is valuable mainly for its hundreds of black and white photographs of artifacts and ruins from most of the ancient cultures of Peru arrhythmia research technology purchase lisinopril overnight delivery, Inca included arrhythmia atrial tachycardia generic lisinopril 5mg without prescription. Needless to say, archaeology is as important to understanding the ancient cultures of South America as anthropology is to understanding the contemporary primitive ones. The stretch of coastal and mountainous land from Chiclayo, Peru, to La Paz, Bolivia, has been most written about due to the great number of Incan and pre-Incan finds there. The story of the six people who in the winter of 1952 began work of an archaeologicalethnographic sort along the Inca road (known as Capac Nan) from Cuzco to Quito is contained in Victor W. It is great for its descriptions of the environment and remains of the Incas as well as for speculations on their culture and way of lifeand it is well illustrated in black and white. Erich von Daniken and a host of his followers surmise ancient astronauts and landing fields. Pathway to the Gods: the Mystery of the Andes Lines (New York: Harper & Row, 1978/ib) includes evaluations of various theories and is perhaps the best illustrated guide to the markings and the puzzles they continue to pose. Sout7,: American Indian Mythologies 279 Works on Art Quite a few hooks deal with ancient South American art. Besides all this they had more than 20 sheep (llamas) of gold with their lambs, and the shepherds with their slings and crooks to watch them, made of this metal. Almost half of another book by Lothrop, Treasures of Ancient America: the Arts of the Pre-Columbian Civilizations from Mexico to Peru (Cleveland: World Publishing Co. Disselhoff and Sigvald Linne; Ancient Arts of the Americas (New York: Frederick A. Museum, 1938/i) is a slip of a book, but it is most interesting in that it relates what the conquering Spanish thought of Incan gold and craftsmanship. According to Cieza de Leon, quoted in the book, at one of the great festivals of the Incas, there was an area of ground 600 x 300 feet "where the clods were pieces of covers only Incan art in addition to Middle American, but the African Mythologies the history of the African continentthe second largest continent and present-day home to more than 400,000,000 peopleis surely one of the most interesting histories in the world. Greek historian Herodotus discoursing at length on his pleasant travels among a civilized and literate people of northeastern Africa, the Egyptians. Further, how odd that the earliest fossil remains of primates, from whom some argue both man and modern apes are descended (as Tarzan, in effect, was descended from both man and ape), should be found on the same continent where both man and ape live today. Further how odd that traces of stone age culture dating back close to two million years should be found in the same general area of that continent as contemporary, twentieth-century stone age continent," yet once home to a high civilization dating back 5,000 years in time, has only in the most recent 200 years begun slowly to yield the essential secrets of its past. When Napoleon Bonaparte and his men entered Egypt in 1798, they found the colossal sphinx at Giza buried neck-deep in sand, just as they had found ancient Egyptian civilization as much as buried by time, its history obscure save for the reports of Near-Eastern corxtemThe following symbols will be found, where applicable, in the bibliographic citation, usually following the date of publication: i = has useful illustrations; b = has a useful bibliography; p = has been published in paperbound edition. Africa, a continent of contrasts and paradox, so long the "dark 282 A frican My thologies sailed around Africa in the fifth century B. The massive colonializing, missionary activities of Europeans in the nineteenth century finally began breaking down the impenesettlers gradually succeeded in knowing "darkest" Africa, that vast area inland from coastal regions, and opening it to the revealing investigations of ethnologists much the way Napolean and his men poraries and others like Herodotus. Except for the northern coast, where groups of ancient Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans had settled before the Christian era, the continent either rebuffed all cornersfrom Hanno of the Phoenicians, who may well have trability of the continent. Moving up from the south and in from the west and north, white missionaries, opportunists, and at the end of the eighteenth century had probed deep into Egypt to comprehend that ancient "black land" and pave the way for the future retrieval and translation of its literature and history. Historians (and mythographers) have long been accustomed to dealing with ancient Egypt as though it were somehow part of ancient Western Asia rather than a complex civilization lodged anomalously in time and place in northeastern Africa. Partly this is due to a fact of another sort that no written African history existed until very recently, while ancient Egyptian history, however fragmentary and second-hand, has existed in written form continuously since the Egyptians lived. Also, there is no question that the commerce and contacts of dynastic Egypt mark it as part of the broad ancient civilization of the Mediterranean region. The great change that occurred in Egypt late in its prehistory (prior to about 3100 B. These reasons alone may be enough to warrant dealing with ancient Egypt as though the map were quite different from the way it really is. The fact that ancient Egypt was African, though, despite the way just about all of Africa otherwise developed apart from it into pastoral or hunting cultures, makes it imperative that we who study myth do two things simultaneously: (1) regard ancient Egypt as part of the ancient world while we (2) understand that it was African. The time may yet come when we see, more than we Ancient Egyptian Mythologies 283 now can, greater connection between indigenous African peoples elsewhere and the ancient civilization Herodotus called "the gift of the Nile.

Youth and Young Adults 85 A Report of the Surgeon General a population-based cohort study of U hypertension vitamins quality 10 mg lisinopril. Another cohort study of Swiss young adult men concluded that there were no beneficial effects of vaping for conventional cigarette smoking cessation or smoking reduction (Gmel et al fetal arrhythmia 36 weeks purchase 2.5mg lisinopril overnight delivery. No differential changes between e-cigarette users and nonusers in the number of conventional cigarettes smoked per week were noted at followup pulse pressure endocarditis purchase lisinopril online pills, either (Gmel et al blood pressure on leg cheap 2.5mg lisinopril mastercard. Additional research is required to determine any potential efficacy of e-cigarette use for conventional cigarette smoking cessation in young adults. The most recent data also show that past-30-day use of e-cigarettes is higher among high school students (16% in 2015) and young adults (13. Among youth and young adults, rates of ever and past-30-day use of e-cigarettes have increased greatly since the earliest e-cigarette surveillance efforts began in 2011. The increases among adults 25 years of age and older, by comparison, have been less steep. Among youth, past-30-day exclusive use of e-cigarettes among 8th, 10th, and 12 graders (6. In that group, exclusive use of conventional cigarettes surpassed exclusive use of e-cigarettes and use of both types of products (Figure 2. The use of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products, such as combustibles, appeared to co-vary among youth and young adults (Figures 2. Although five longitudinal studies suggest that e-cigarette use is related to the onset of other tobacco product and marijuana use among youth and young adults (Leventhal et al. Therefore, more studies are needed to elucidate the nature of any true causal relationship between e-cigarette use and combustible tobacco products. Investigation of whether e-cigarette use is related to other types of substance abuse. Although use of other tobacco products has been the strongest correlate of ever and past-30-day e-cigarette use among youth and young adults, sociodemographic characteristics have also been associated with the use of these products. No differences between boys and girls were observed among middle school students in 2015 (Tables 2. However, in 2015 male high school students were significantly more likely to report past-30-day use than their female counterparts (Table 2. For young adults, ever and past-30-day use of e-cigarettes were significantly higher among males than females (Table 2. Current e-cigarette use was significantly lower among Blacks than in other racial/ethnic groups (Table 2. Ever and past-30-day e-cigarette use was also significantly lower among those with a college education. Continued research is warranted to monitor patterns of e-cigarette use across population groups by gender, age, race/ethnicity, and education, as well as by sociodemographic characteristics for which disparities in tobacco use have been noted. Availability of data on e-cigarette use among youth and young adults is currently limited, including geography. Most youth and young adults believe e-cigarettes are "less harmful" than conventional cigarettes (Table 2. However, up to 50% of respondents in some of these studies felt they did not know enough about the potential dangers associated with e-cigarettes to answer questions about perceived harm (Ambrose et al. However, significant differences emerge in these perceptions of harm when examined by whether or not youth and young adults use e-cigarettes. Among both middle and high school students and young adults, perceptions of "no harm" were much more prevalent among those with prior experience with e-cigarettes (Tables 2. Current e-cigarette users were two to three times more likely to report that e-cigarettes convey "no harm" compared to never e-cigarette users, for both age groups (Tables 2. The most commonly cited reasons that youth and young adults reported using e-cigarettes included curiosity (Schmidt et al. Using e-cigarettes as an aid to conventional cigarette smoking reduction/cessation (Li et al. Youth and young adult smokers cited lack of satisfaction, poor taste, and cost (Kong et al. Additional research is needed to examine how reasons for use, including the appeal of flavored e-cigarettes, are causally related to the onset and progression of e-cigarette use among youth and young adults.