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By: I. Xardas, M.B. B.CH., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Deputy Director, Saint Louis University School of Medicine

In the early 20th century back pain treatment physiotherapy order rizact 10mg with visa, when new congregations were founded all over the Ambo area back pain treatment yoga discount 5mg rizact, it was also typical that the nucleus of a new congregation was composed of Christians who arrived from other communities (Notkola & Siiskonen 2000 severe back pain treatment vitamins buy rizact 5 mg mastercard, p hip pain treatment for dogs purchase rizact 10mg on-line. One should note that not all members of these congregations were Ambos, even if the clear majority were. Since the early days of the Finnish missionary work, members of other ethnic groups. Thus, it is clear that the baptismal registers of these congregations also include names of people who are not Ambos. As the San groups who live in close contact with the Bantu have had the custom of using Bantu names beside their indigenous ones (Hynцnen 1981, p. It also seems that they have adopted the same kind of European and biblical names at baptism as the Ambo Christians have. The names for this study were collected from the baptismal registers of the Elim, Okahao and Oshigambo congregations in such a way that 196 Analysis of the Name Data the baptisms of every fifth year were included in the data, starting from the year 1913 up to the year 1993. As the microfilmed parish registers of Elim and Okahao for the year 1993 included baptisms until March only, the baptisms of the previous year 1992 were added to the 1993 data. Until 1925, the majority of baptisms in the Ambo congregations were performed on adults (Varis 1988, p. This analysis will thus reveal what kind of baptismal names the Ambo people were given in different years, but it does not aim to make comparisons between the names of different age-groups. Nevertheless, one may claim that these name data represent the contemporary Lutheran Ambo population relatively well, even if the emphasis in this material is on names given between the 1950s and 1970s. In Namibia, the average life expectancy at birth is 54 years today (World Bank Atlas 2000, p. Thus, the majority of people who were baptised at the beginning of the century have already died, and their share of the data may well correspond to their share of the present Ambo population. On the other hand, the names of people born in the 1980s and 1990s are slightly underrepresented in the data. The bigger share of women can be explained at least partly by referring to the fact that many Ambo men who worked in the south were also baptised outside the Ambo area. The baptisms were distributed fairly evenly among the three sample congregations (see figure 1). The distribution of baptisms among the three congregations of the name data: Elim, Okahao and Oshigambo (%) Oshigambo Okahao Elim 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 197 Analysis of the Name Data the average annual number of baptisms in one congregation is 214. As figure 2 shows, the number of baptisms in the congregations was fairly small at the beginning of the century, but grew steadily until the 1950s and 1960s. The number of baptisms in the three congregations (Elim, Okahao, Oshigambo) in different years (1913­1993) 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 1913 1918 1923 1928 1933 1938 1943 1948 1953 1958 1963 1968 1973 1978 1983 1988 1992 1993 the decrease of baptisms in these congregations after the 1960s can be explained by the fact that at that time, a number of new congregations were founded in the Ambo area, and some of them were separated from these old congregations. At times, it was difficult to decipher names because they had been written illegibly. In some cases, the sex of the baptised person was not marked in the register, and it was impossible to judge it from the name. Because of these reasons, the baptismal names of more than 200 people had to be left out of the data. Most of the baptismal names that were left out contained unclear Ambo names, which may have been possible for an Ambo-speaking person to decipher, but not for the writer of this thesis. For example, a child could be registered to have been baptised before he or she was even born. There were also many name forms which obviously contained unintentional spelling errors. When collecting names, such forms were not corrected, as this would have made the material lose its authentic nature. The few names which were originally written with an initial small letter, however, were changed to begin with a capital letter, as they are names. Such baptisms were not researched systematically, but the ones that were found were included in the data.


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I discuss how marketing communication draws upon the ideology of the group portrait as a visual technique for representing identity new pain treatment uses ultrasound at home order genuine rizact online. I treat advertising imagery in much the way an art historian treats pictures as I analyse illustrative examples through the classic art historical techniques of formal analysis pain treatment and wellness center greensburg pa cheap rizact 5 mg with amex, compare and contrast pain treatment for diverticulitis buy rizact amex, and interpretation pain management utica ny buy rizact online now, framed within representation understood as a cultural practice. Identity, and how it functions within visual consumption, is a key concern in my analysis. In discussing identity issues such as gender, race and sexual orientation, I open up consideration of the ways in which advertising functions as representation within the social contexts of cultural difference (Borgerson and Schroeder, 2002). I offer a short tutorial on the basic issues of criticism and then apply these to several iconic images. For example, group portraits, genealogically linked to the golden era of Dutch art, are a masculine genre: historically, men inhabited most portraits of groups such as guilds, corporate boards and sports teams. In contrast, fashion photography can be considered a feminine genre, more closely associated with images of women than men, although men dominate the scene behind the lens. This interdisciplinary analysis illuminates key tensions within the politics of representation, identity and marketing. Humanities provide theoretical tools to understand image genres, content and narrative, whereas social science affords methods for discussing context, effects and strategic implications (cf. What are some ethical and social implications for the reliance on images in marketing communication? Researching visual consumption Visual representations in marketing can be considered sociopolitical artifacts, creating meaning within the circuit of culture beyond strategic intention, invoking a range of issues formerly reserved for the political sphere and widely circulating information about the social world. Consumers are seen to construct and perform identities and self-concepts, trying out new roles and creating their identity within, and in collaboration with, brand culture. Largely missing from these insights, however, is an awareness of basic cultural processes that affect contemporary brands, including historical context, ethical concerns and consumer response. In other words, neither managers nor consumers completely control branding processes: cultural codes constrain how brands work to produce meaning (see Holt, 2004; Schroeder and Salzer-Mцrling, 2005). Analytic categories for critical visual analysis There are many ways to begin an analysis of a work of art, a photograph or an advertisement, but most critics agree that interpretation begins with description. Basic descriptive work requires articulation of form, subject matter, genre, medium, color, light, line, and size ­ the building blocks of images. Some art historical knowledge is helpful for identifying form and genre and making art historical comparisons. The relationship between description and interpretation is intricate but, ideally, interpretations emerge from descriptive details. In the following section, I present key variables for critical visual analysis: description, subject matter, form, medium, style, genre and comparison. Critical visual analysis 305 Description the first step in critical visual analysis is to describe the image, pointing out features contained within it, such as formal properties of composition, color, tone and contrast. This level of analysis will be most uniform among observers, varying in terms of visual knowledge, language and jargon. A basic descriptive technique involves placing the image within a genre, or type, largely dependent upon subject and medium. Genre categories are not wholly separate, and it is often impossible to prevent interpretation from seeping into description (cf. As an influential icon of 1990s visual culture, they have been cited, referenced and parodied by many other brands. Therefore it is critical to understand how meaning is visually constructed in this ad. Subject matter A useful starting point for descriptive analysis is to identify and describe persons, objects, places or events in a photograph (Barrett, 2005). She gives viewers a hook into the ad, providing a visual anchor, and guiding its interpretation (Berger, 1972). As a group, they appear different, multicultural and not often seen (at the time) in major ad campaigns. This opens out to reveal the four pages of photographs depicting a small group of people against a white background. Upon unfolding this image, Moss no longer interacts with the other woman, who seems to have disappeared.

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To those of us who knew him pain treatment center clifton springs discount rizact 10 mg line, he remains pain treatment diverticulitis discount 10 mg rizact free shipping, after nearly sixty years pain in jaw treatment purchase genuine rizact on-line, something much more vital than a memory treatment for shingles pain mayo clinic buy rizact line, and if we were ever tempted to forget, it is easy to recall him in the music he played so incomparably. Liszt pupil Sophie Menter was present as were Liszt himself and his close musical acquaintances. Among the first pupils to arrive at the Hofgдrtnerei in Weimar in the early part of 1869 were Georg Leitert and Rafael Joseffy. This was the germanised name he used, the Polish spelling being Teodor Leszetycki. From an early age he was recognised as a prodigy, and after studying in Vienna with Carl Czerny and Simon Sechter he became a teacher at fourteen and by the age of eighteen he was a well-known virtuoso in Viennese music circles. Besides performing he became a very influential piano teacher, first at the St Petersburg Conservatory, which he cofounded with Anton Rubinstein, and subsequently in Vienna. His pupils included many of the most renowned pianists of their time, such as, Fanny Bloomfield-Zeissler, Katharine Goodson, Ignaz Friedman, Ignacy Paderewski, Artur Schnabel, Alexander Brailowsky, Ossip Gabrilowitsch, Benno Moiseiwitsch, Mark Hambourg, Elly Ney, Severin Eisenberger and Mieczyslaw Horszowski. Several pupils also became noted teachers, including Isabelle Vengerova, Anna Langenhan-Hirzel, Richard Buhlig and Czeslaw Marek. Leschetizky was also a composer, having under his name over seventy piano pieces, two operas, several songs and a one-movement piano concerto. His first wife Anne de Friedbourg was a fine singer and his subsequent wives, Annette Essipov, Eugenia Donnemourska and Gabrielle Rosborska, had been his pupils. On 18 February 1906 he recorded twelve reproducing piano rolls for Welte-Mignon including seven of his own compositions. Besides his teacher Carl Czerny, the Bohemian pianist Julius Schulhoff probably had the greatest impact on Leschetizky. Leschetizky heard him when he was about twenty years old and was amazed by `that cantabile, a legato such as [he] had not dreamed possible on the piano, a human voice rising above the sustaining harmonies! He stopped playing pieces and just worked on exercises in order to train his fingers. Leschetizky learned that `there is more rhythm between the notes than in the notes themselves. Leschetizky never taught beginners so that when he said he did not have a method he meant a method for pianists who are already highly skilled pianists. The similarities in the way of playing among his pupils, in terms of technique not interpretation, indicate that Leschetizki had a basic method of playing the piano. Paderewski said: `There are principles, you will agree, that are to be uniformly inculcated in every pupil ­ that is breadth, softness of touch and precision of rhythm. They sat rather straight on the piano stool and did not make any inessential movements. Leschetizky explained the right position at the piano with the analogy of a horseman. A horseman sits unconstrained and erect on his horse and as the horseman yields to the movement of his steed so the pianist should yield to the movements of his arms as far as necessary. Leschetizky did not approve of posing, such as leaning back to show that one is inspired. Leschetizky compared muscular relaxation in piano playing with the deep breathing of a singer. He was always looking for the purest and most beautiful tone and believed that a good sound is made by the brain not the hands. He suggested that one should stop after a few bars and consider if one had played what one really wanted. Only if the right sound sound and interpretation had been achieved should one go on. Fannie Bloomfield-Zeissler said that `he studied the individuality of each pupil and taught him according to that individuality. It may be that this individual treatment of each of his pupils was his actual method and what made him so successful as a teacher. Paderewski on Leschetizky Just before he left for Canada to begin a concert tour, yesterday afternoon, Paderewski granted [November 1915] one of his rare interviews to a reporter of the New York Times, who talked with him about the career of Theodor Leschetizky, the famous piano 166 teacher who died abroad last year in his eightieth year. But after all, he had done what is not granted to every man: finished his work before the end came. But there are offshoots not only where it fell but all over the world which will grow up in the image of the parent tree, so great was the vigor of the parent tree, so great was the vigor drawn from roots that penetrated far into the soil. Up to that time I had been principally a composer and had had that career only in mind.

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Fetal pathology revealed an enlarged heart with distal stenosis of the aorta knee pain treatment yoga cheap rizact online american express, an enlarged sigmoid colon and mesentery coccyx pain treatment nhs discount rizact 10mg otc, and enlarged cerebral ventricles with brain hemorrhages st john pain treatment center order rizact line. Since there are no conclusive studies chiropractic treatment for shingles pain buy generic rizact on-line, neither oral nor topical treatment with minoxidil is acceptable during pregnancy. However, inadvertent exposure does not justify either interruption of pregnancy or invasive diagnostic procedures. However, labels should be checked for ingredients, and products from ethical manufacturers should be used. Contamination of products with environmental contaminants, such as lead, have been reported in products from lesser-known manufacturers. Relationship between dysmorphology and neuropsychological functions in children exposed to isotretinoin (in utero). Evaluation of the genotoxicity of gentian violet in bacterial and mammalian cell systems. Final amended report on the safety assessment of oxyquinoline and oxyquinoline sulfate as used in cosmetics. Cytogenetic toxicity of gentian violet and crystal violet on mammalian cells in vitro. Anophthalmia and agenesis of optic chiasma associated with adapalene gel in early pregnancy. Another publication reveals a developmental sacral disorder and malformation of the lower extremities, lower vertebral aplasia, agenesis of both kidneys, and an atresic esophagus in a severely hypertrophic fetus born to a mother who had used minodil for years (Rojanski 2002). Cooperative Study from January 1992 to April 1997: 132 cases and 94 with known pregnancy outcome. Severe limb defects and craniofacial abnormalities in fetus conceived during acitretine therapy. Treatment of scabies with special consideration of the approach in infancy, pregnancy and while nursing . A retrospective study of the teratogenicity of dermatological coal tar products . Pregnancy outcome after periconceptional and first trimester exposure to methoxsalen photochemotherapy. Pregnanc outcome following exposure to permethrin and use of teratogen information. Unusually high risk for adverse outcomes of pregnancy following fetal isotretinoin exposure. Prenatal and early postnatal intoxication by inorganic mercury resulting from maternal use of mercury containing soap. The use of acetazolamide in idiopathic intracranial hypertension during pregnancy. Minor malformations characteristic of the retinoic acid embryopathy and other birth outcomes in children of women exposed to topical tretinoin during early pregnancy. First-trimester exposure to topical tretinoin: its safety is not warranted . Treatment of external genital warts with 5% imiquiod cream during pregnancy: a case report. Risk of intrauterine growth retardation, malformations and other birth outcomes in children after topical use of corticosteroid in pregnancy. Steady-state pharmacokinetics of isotretinoin and ist 4-oxo metabolite: implications for fetal safety. Transient renal tubular acidosis in a neonate following transplacental acetazolamide. Mental retardation and parental occupation: a study on the applicability of job exposure matrices. Safety of topical minoxidil solution: a one-year, prospective, observational study. Safety of first-trimester exposure to topical tretinoin: prospective cohort study.

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