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By: M. Kliff, M.B.A., M.B.B.S., M.H.S.

Deputy Director, California Northstate University College of Medicine

Higher temperatures can negatively affect plant production indirectly as accelerated phenology (Menzel et al blood pressure jnc 8 cheap perindopril 8 mg without prescription. Sadras and Monzon (2006) modeled in detail the effect of recently realized changes in temperature on phenological development of wheat hypertension synonym discount 2mg perindopril overnight delivery, and found earlier flowering blood pressure chart per age discount perindopril 4mg amex. However pulse pressure change during exercise purchase perindopril on line, unexpectedly, no changes were noted in the duration from flowering to maturity due to the shift of flowering to cooler parts of the season. However, indirect effects of temperature, such as shifting flowering to "cooler" parts of the season, may lead to the paradox of increasing frost risk at flowering (Sadras and Monzon 2006). Plants carrying out the C4 photosynthesis process have higher optimum temperatures for leaf photosynthesis and plant growth. Species with a high base temperature for crop emergence such as maize, sorghum, millet, sunflower and some of the legumes (e. For example, Sadras and Monzon (2006) showed that the date of wheat flowering in different environments is advanced about seven days per degree increase in temperature. This reflects the nonlinear response of yield to temperature, which likely results from greater heat stress during hot days (Lobell 2007). An indirect effect of increasing temperatures due to climate change likely will be higher water demand by plants due to increased transpiration, which can potentially reduce plant production (Lawlor and Mitchell 2000; Peng et al. In dry-land 136 Climate of the SoutheaSt united StateS agriculture, this will directly limit plant growth, while in irrigated systems increased temperatures could result in higher irrigation demands in combination with increased losses through evaporation. However, if future temperature changes are similar to the changes in the last 50 years, where global minimum temperatures have generally increased twice as fast as maximum temperatures, resulting in a reduced diurnal temperature range (Folland et al. Higher temperatures can also adversely affect grain quality as shown for grain protein content (Triboi et al. For some crops, night temperatures are critical for grain quality, as shown for fatty acid composition in sunflower (Izquierdo et al. Increasing temperatures could have profound impacts on livestock and poultry producers. Heat stress in dairy cattle can have a long-term effect (weeks to months) on both milk production and birthing rates (Klinedinst et al. Dairy cows perform best under cool temperatures, with the temperature optimum for maximum milk production between 4C and 24C. Dairy farmers could adapt to warmer temperatures by renovating barns to improve their cooling systems, but these costs would have to be weighed against potential risks and benefits. Poultry animals are primarily grown in housed operations, so the effect of climate change more directly affects the energy requirements for building operation rather than a direct effect on the animal. Temperature affects animals being moved from buildings to processing plants, but because these animals are moved quickly from production to processing, this is a problem only in extreme conditions (Hatfield et al. Unlike croplands, the literature for pasturelands is sparse in providing quantitative information to predict the yield change of pastureland species. The projected increases in temperature and the lengthening of the growing season should be, in principle, beneficial for livestock by increasing pasture productivity and reducing the need for forage storage during the winter. There is evidence in C3 plants, as found in experiments with wheat and cotton, that selection for improved grain yields in breeding programs is more successful when selecting for high stomatal conductance, resulting in heat avoidance through evaporative cooling in hot environments (Amani et al. Potential Impact of Tornados, Hurricanes, and Sea Level Rise High wind speeds of tornados and hurricanes can damage summer crops through lodging (falling over) which can make crops unharvestable. The impacts on confined poultry or livestock can be devastating if facilities are destroyed resulting in long periods without production and considerable animal mortality. Heavy rainfall from hurricanes can lead to soil water-logging, delays in harvesting, degraded crop quality and overall yield losses. During drought periods, there can be greater levels of salinity intrusion up coastal rivers affecting surface water withdrawals. In addition, retreating urban populations from the current coast line will put pressure on agricultural areas (Spechler 2001). It is important to understand the interactions before developing climate change adaptation strategies because, for example, adaptations to higher temperatures may be different from adapting to reduced rainfall (Ludwig and Asseng 2010, Tubiello et al.


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Undisturbed ecosystems contain species adapted to the sediment and turbidity levels naturally associated with those ecosystems hypertension portal buy generic perindopril 4mg. Modifications to the physical and chemical composition of sediment and turbidity discharges can also transform them into pollutants hypertension nih generic perindopril 2 mg amex. Sediment and turbidity are the most commonly documented pollutants in construction site discharges and impacted surface waters blood pressure pills kidney failure buy perindopril with amex. In a number of documented cases blood pressure tracking chart printable buy generic perindopril 2mg line, sites have discharged sediment and turbidity at very high levels (see Chapter 4). Although suspended sediment, bedded sediment, and turbidity are distinct and separate water quality properties, all describe impacts associated with eroded soil discharge to surface waters. For this reason, many studies discuss these properties concurrently, as does this document. Soil and sediment are composed of a variety of components including organic matter, phosphorus, nitrogen, metals, and other compounds, both natural and anthropogenic. Many of these components travel with soil as it erodes and discharges to surface waters. There are multiple terms available to describe levels of sediment and turbidity in water. November 2009 2-1 Environmental Impact and Benefits Assessment for the C&D Category Table 2-1: Sediment and Turbidity Terminology Sediment Metric Bedded sediment Description A general term for sediment that, at any given time, settles from the water column onto surfaces within a surface water (e. Measures of bedded sediments include depth of deposition within a given time period, percent fines, geometric mean diameter, Fredle number (a permeability index) (Berry et al. A measure of the solids that will settle to the bottom of a cone-shaped container (called an Imhoff cone) in a 60-minute period. Settleable solids are primarily a measure of particles that can be removed from water by sedimentation. It is determined by measuring the dry weight of all sediment from a known volume of sample. Expressed as milligrams of dry sediment per liter of water-sediment mixture (mg/L). A dry weight measure of suspended inorganic and organic material in the water column. It is measured by filtering a subsample of water and measuring the weight of the dried solids. A measure of the scattering and absorption of light when it enters a water sample. The quantity of suspended particles in water helps to determine turbidity levels as do particle shape, size, and color distributions. Suspended particles can include clay, silt, colloids, finely divided organic and inorganic matter, soluble colored organic compounds, plankton, and other microscopic organisms. This particulate matter can consist of mineral particles (sediment), algae and other organisms, and organic detritus. Particle shape, size, and color distributions influence total turbidity levels as well. However, because several factors beyond the mass of suspended solids in the water column control surface water turbidity, the quantitative relationship between suspended particle concentrations and turbidity levels has been found to vary among watersheds, surface waters, and precipitation events. The sections below provide additional information on the nature of construction site sediment and turbidity discharges to surface waters (Section 2. Typical construction site activities include clearing vegetation and excavating, moving, and compacting earth and rock. Vegetation removal and surface work loosens soil, removes protective root structures, and exposes soil directly to the erosive powers of precipitation and stormwater runoff. Soil compaction reduces precipitation infiltration and increases overland water flow, thereby increasing the quantity of stormwater runoff available to erode soil. In addition, stockpiled construction materials such as stripped topsoil, fill material, and soil from foundation excavation are often placed in steep, uncovered piles vulnerable to erosion. Construction vehicles track soil onto roadways from which it can easily wash into storm sewer drainage systems and subsequently to surface waters.

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Although releases of indium from the semiconductor and electronics industries are currently small blood pressure medication that starts with c perindopril 4 mg online, about twenty times less than that released by mining and smelting activities (White and Hemond 04 heart attack m4a order perindopril 8mg free shipping, 2012) blood pressure emergency level purchase 8 mg perindopril amex, there is a need for long-term monitoring of the environment and the workplace to understand and quantify the risks associated with the increased use of indium blood pressure chart homeostasis buy generic perindopril 8 mg on line. The fact that indium is a by-product metal has caused some concern because the availability of primary supply is dependent on the extraction, smelting and refining of base metals, chiefly zinc. Operators of a zinc smelter are very unlikely to increase their zinc production simply to deliver larger quantities of a by-product. The remainder is either lost in residues or goes to refineries that do not have the technology to recover indium. Nevertheless, worldwide capacity should be sufficient to accommodate the forecast steady growth in indium demand. Additional supply can be Indium expected to come from increased zinc and copper mine production, particularly from ores containing high indium concentrations. Further contributions to supply will also come from the installation of new or expanded indium extraction plants at the base-metal smelters, from improved recovery efficiency at existing indium plants and from improvements in indium-recycling technology. The possible influence of geopolitical factors on supply security cannot be discounted. Stockpiling by governments and private institutions may also have some impact on global indium supply. Some governments, notably in Korea, Japan and China, have announced their intentions to stockpile indium although only in Korea is an official stockpile in place. Geological Association of Canada, Mineral Deposits Division, Special Publication No. Volume 86: Cobalt in Hard Metals and Cobalt Sulfate, Gallium Arsenide, Indium Phosphide and Vanadium Pentoxide. Developmental toxicity of indium: Embryotoxicity and teratogenicity in experimental animals. Toxicology and Carcinogenesis Studies of Indium Phosphide in F344/N rats and B6C3F1 Mice (Inhalation Studies). However, it was a year later when the pure metal was isolated independently by William Brande and Humphrey Davy. Properties and abundance in the Earth Due to its high reactivity, lithium only occurs in nature in the form of compounds such as silicates in igneous rocks, in a number of clay minerals and generally as chloride in brines. The average crustal abundance of lithium is 17 ppm, but it ranges from approximately 30 ppm in igneous rocks to an average of 60 ppm in sedimentary rocks. Terminology Concentration levels of lithium in pegmatites (and for the one known occurrence of jadarite) and ore concentrates are normally reported as percentage lithia (Li2O). Brine grades are normally reported as parts per million (ppm), milligrams per litre (mg/lt) or weight per cent lithium (wt%Li). Mineralogy and deposit types Commercially viable concentrations of lithium are found in pegmatites, continental brines, geothermal brines, oilfield brines, the clay mineral hectorite and the newly discovered mineral, jadarite. Locations for the extraction operations and advanced stage projects mentioned are shown on the world map in Figure 10. Lithium becomes concentrated along with other elements of economic interest, particularly potassium and boron, as a result of high evaporation rates. A description of the geology, climate and hydrochemistry of the Andean region can be found in Risacher et al. In China, some occurrences are open lakes (Zheng, 1989) but in South America the brines occur at shallow depths in aquifers composed predominantly of salt or of mixed sediments. In the Andes, the abundance of lithium may originate from the Altiplano-Puna Magma Body at depth (de Silva et al. A high ratio increases production costs as lithium and magnesium concentrate together in solution. Pegmatites Pegmatites are coarse-grained igneous rocks formed by the crystallisation of late magmatic uids. Lithium-containing pegmatites are relatively rare and frequently also contain tin and tantalite.

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I thought about the sick child pulse pressure healthy range purchase perindopril discount, and soon I did get up heart attack is perindopril 8 mg, and went over there blood pressure chart stage 3 purchase perindopril pills in toronto, and I found the child dead arterial nephrosclerosis order perindopril 8 mg with amex. Then there was the sheer exhaustion of being on the road in a horse and buggy or on horseback, and spending the night on top of tables in the waiting rooms of railway stations. The telephone made it possible for the physician to establish w hether an emergency existed before going out. M otor transport, of course, let the doctor get about more easily on house calls but, more important, it permitted the patient to com e to the doctor, or to the hospital emergency depart ment. The first rudimentary telephone exchange on record, built in 1877, con nected the Capital Avenue Drugstore in Hartford, Connecticut, with twenty-one local doctors. Primary Care 149 House calls in w in the r W illiam Macartney, a general practitioner in Fort Covington, New York in the 1890s and after, remembered what it was like to make house calls in the winter. On many a wintry night I got lost when there were no tracks, or the tracks were drifted over and the blizzard blotted out all landmarks. Occasionally I would have to tie my horse to a near-by fence, cover him with a big buffalo-robe and continue my journey on snowshoes. I recall such a night when my pony, exhausted by long battling with the drifts, fell, and was unable to rise. I covered her carefully with robes and my fur coat, and started through a sugar-wood for the nearest farm house. Macartney warmed up in the farmhouse a bit, went back with the men to rescue his pony, and continued on his way. When Macartney reached farm patients who were surgi cal emergencies, he would operate on the kitchen table. In 1926, physicians polled in 283 counties reported that in 100 of those counties no new medical graduate had settled within the previous 10 years. Cars had stimulated the urbanization of med ical practice and the denuding of the countryside. In Britain, hom e visiting remained more intact, doubtlessly because the National Health Service, enacted in England and W ales in 1946 and coming into being on 5 Ju ly 1948, had fortified the position of the general practitioner. According to one survey, as late as 1977, 19 per cent of all patient contact still took place in the form of home visits. These are the m ajor changes over the past hundred years in patterns of help-seeking and care-giving. The dominance of fever in general practice lasted right up to the years between the world wars. Describing in 1927 his own practice in Leeds, England, over a period of several years, Stanley Sykes put influenza as the com m onest complaint with 3 35 cases: six o f his patients had died of it. Then came acute bronchitis, tonsilitis, measles, whooping cough, and impetigo (a bacterial skin infection). Pneumonia on his list (tw enty-four patients with twelve deaths) beat cancer (twenty-three patients with twelve deaths). Dr Sykes was still seeing patients with typhoid fever, rheumatic fever, and erysipelas (a streptococcal infection causing redness and swelling under the skin). This picture of disease in general practice in the developed world would soon change radically. The m ajor infections would fall away - a result of improvements in public health (such as more effective quarantining), o f apparently spontaneous changes in the virulence o f some infectious agents (such as the organisms causing scarlet fever and tuberculosis), and, finally, o f improved therapy (such as the introduction of the sulpha drugs in 1 935). One British family doctor, Keith Hodgkin, wrote in 1963: `Tuberculosis, m eningitis, polio. Because upper respi ratory infections - coughs and colds - also count as infectious illnesses, it is diffi cult to make the claim that infectious illness as a whole has declined. Yet the conclusion is justified that among serious medical problem s in the W estern world, the m ajor infectious diseases o f the past have given way to chronic degen erative diseases today, such as cancer, heart disease, and arthritis. In spite o f the decline o f acute infectious illness, the population seems to be feeling worse than better.

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