$7 on the 7th

7onthe7th_6Seven was Liz’s favorite number.

Seven dollars.

What does that mean to YOU?

A couple of lattes?

Lunch out with friends?

A nice glass of wine at your favorite restaurant?

But when thousands of individuals put $7 each into a charitable fund… just IMAGINE the possibilities!

When you donate $7 on the 7th of each month (or whenever you can) to The Liz Logelin Foundation, you can rest assured that the money pays for so much more… Indeed, it may provide everyday essentials to a family in need: diapers, formula, groceries, clothing.

So, please, this month, skip the latte. Donate $7 on the 7th!

Liz would thank you.

$7 on the 7th


A note from Matt 7.15.11

Dear LLF Supporters,

Happy summer!  I hope wherever you are this message finds you well and enjoying some sunshine.  I’m writing to you with a special request.

Over the last two months we have seen a significant increase in applications.  It is wonderful to know that more families in need are learning about the LLF.  However,now more than ever, we need your support so we can continue to give families hope.  To date, thanks to you, we are proud to report that we have given every eligible family support.  Together we can make sure this continues.

Currently, we have 26 families waiting to receive our support.

Please make a pledge with us today to make this August 7th the biggest $7 on the 7th yet!

I want to share with you a few stories of the families you can help:

Jennifer’s husband, Richard, died in April.  Richard went to work that morning happy and excited about the day ahead at his new job.  At lunch he felt dizzy and went to urgent care.  When he got there he started having seizures and needed to be rushed by ambulance to the hospital.  Richard was put on a respirator but the brain damage was too great.  The doctors told Jennifer he had suffered from a brain stem hemorrhage and would never recover.  Two days later he passed away.  Jennifer and Richard had one son, Lucas.  Lucas is two and a half years old and has severe autism. He is non-verbal and requires therapy everyday.  Since Richard died Lucas has quit eating solid foods and has begun lashing out.  Jennifer is afraid that they will lose their home.  If they do, it would be extremely difficult for Lucas whose therapists have advised that he would not be able to handle another large change in his life right now.  Jennifer told me she is having a really hard time and is struggling to make it day to day.

Jessica’s husband, Damian, died in September after a battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  In 2009, Damian received his repossession license and they made the move to Philadelphia so he could start his new job.  Everything seemed to be going perfectly.  Damian and Jessica had four kids and making a move to another state had been a huge undertaking.  Shortly after the move Damian started to experience night sweats, a constant fever and significant weight loss.  Damian was a very big guy, 285 pounds of muscle and within three months he had lost 60 pounds.  They had no choice but to put everything into storage and move back to Florida to live with Damian’s mother while he underwent treatment.  Throughout his battle Damian remained optimistic and truly believed he was beating the disease.  Three months before his death, Damian received a bone marrow transplant from his brother.  After spending three months secluded from everyone including his kids, Damian was cleared to go home.  He felt great.  One week later he fell ill and returned to the doctor.  The doctors told Damian he had one week to live.  Jessica is still living with Damian’s mother and their four children who share one bedroom.  All of their belongings remain in a storage unit in Philadelphia.  Jessica is desperately trying to save enough to be able to retrieve these belongings, which include all of the kids toys and family photos.  Currently, Jessica is fighting a grueling and costly custody battle for custody of the oldest daughter (Damian’s from a previous relationship).  The biological mother hasn’t been involved in the daughter’s life for over six years but came back into the picture when Damian died.  Jessica dreams of returning to nursing school so she can support their family on her own.

Trisha’s husband, Troy, died in November.  Earlier in the year Trisha and Troy learned that their oldest child, eight-year-old Nathan, had a terminal brain tumor.  He was given 9-12 months to live.  Trisha and Troy did their best to balance taking care of Nathan and trying to keep up with work.  One morning Troy was at home caring for their son when Troy suffered from an asthma attack.  He dialed 911 and managed to get out his inhaler and nebulizer but when the paramedics arrived he collapsed.  The paramedics ushered Nathan out of the house and began to work on Troy.  They could not revive him. Trisha was three months pregnant at the time.  In May, Trisha gave birth to their third child.  Miraculously, Nathan lived for 16 months after his initial diagnosis.  However, just last week 8-year-old Nathan passed away.  Trisha is now caring for her newborn and doing her best to make sure her middle child feels special and has some routine in the life.

In the face of unimaginable loss and challenging circumstances, families like Trisha’s require not only emotional support but also access to reliable healthcare services. Caring for a newborn and ensuring the well-being of a middle child amidst the grieving process can be overwhelming. It is crucial to have a network of compassionate healthcare providers who can offer assistance and guidance during this difficult time. Urgent care centers, such as urgent care Jackson Heights, NY, can play a vital role in providing immediate medical attention for both physical and emotional well-being. By offering accessible healthcare services and resources, urgent care centers can lend a helping hand to families like Trisha’s, providing comprehensive care and support as they navigate their unique challenges.

These are just a few of the families who need our support.  Please share these stories with your friends and encourage them to join you this August for $7 on the 7th. If you’re ready now, you can donate today and we’ll count you in for August 7th

Together we are making an impact on the lives of those in need.  I am proud to join you as a part of this community of hope.

Thank you for all you do,

Matt Logelin

President and Founder